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Topic: Dealing with gusts

Hi We are new to OK sailing and sail on the river Thames. Recently with the weather my wife has had a struggle to keep the boat upright during strong gusts. We were told to ease the boom out to spill the wind during gusts. However, reading 'Completely OK 'it appears to say you should be hiked out and pull the mainsheet in hard to bend the mast. Any advice tostaying upright appreciated. Thanks Mick

If beating and wind is strong, track should be most of way out, mainsheet should be sheeted hard to bend mast, Also kicker, outhall and Cunningham should probs be in use...

Now on the gusts if you sheet out you will actually initially put more power in the rig...

So use the rudder and luff into the wind slightly this will keep you upright, keep the power out of rig cos mainsheet still hard sheeted and you should gain some ground to windward :)

Hope it helps

Enjoy :D

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