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Topic: Control lines

I'm restoring 1711, a fully GRP hull, for my son to sail on a casual basis (no racing)
Is there anywhere I can find an idiot proof guide to EXACTLY what goes where on the boom and mast. At the moment they are basically bare. I would like to keep it really simple!
Also, what is the mechanism to keep the mast in the boat if it turns turtle. (At the moment at the foot of the mast is a rather bodged affair of a piece of plastic waste pipe, of the correct diameter, filled with two pack around the mast - no locking mechanism)
Final question - the straight traveller is secured only beneath the side decks- is this strong enough?

Hopefully there's someone out there who can help me.

There are some articles on the UK association site that may be of help:


The control lines article seems to be how most people do it.

For mast security I use a piece of 4mm control line tied around the mast above the bearing. The other end goes through a hole in the deck bearing & is tied off with a stopper knot. It is the yellow line in the second picture on this thread: http://www.okdinghy.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1030 where it goes through the deck bearing is obscured by the mast.

Traveller under the side decks along with a couple of stainless straps to the top of the centreboard case seems to work have worked for the last 26 years.

Thanks Finn for that guidance.
Still one thing puzzling me - how does the traveller pass any straps to the centre board - it encircles the bar?

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