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Topic: OKDIA strategic roadmap

Hopefully it has been distributed throughout now. I think it is a great to have a plan in place to help grow the class and I think very small increase in fees is well worth it to try achieve the growth. NZOKDA increased local subs a few years ago and since then the class has been very healthy with great local regattas and strong club fleets. We now have over 20 Oks at more than one club in NZ and recently had over 30 boats turn up for a mid winter regatta. This is all due to members putting time and effort into the class. I would love to see what would happen if we have a full time manager involved.

Thanks to Robert and the others who have worked on the roadmap. It is an excellent start and, looking from NZ, much of what is proposed is a no-brainer.

I think that to focus on the paid manager idea is to miss the bigger picture. It seems to me that the manager is just one of many possible initiatives, but the real point is that the international fleet needs to move forward and become more relevant on a global scale if it is to survive. OKDIA needs money to achieve that, whether a paid manager is involved or not. So where does the money come from? Currently, each of us pays VIRTUALLY NOTHING to OKDIA. I would happily pay a lot more if it meant better PR, better race coverage, higher standards of measurement and enforcement of class rules, and more Worlds in exotic, interesting, warm venues that appeal to the wider international sailing community.

I must say I have been astonished to read objections to paying an extra 15GBP towards these initiatives - that is one very modest round of beers. Lift the bar guys! Let's think less about our next meal and more about the future of the class that has given so much to us.

Ben Morrison

There has been little feedback from members on this matter via this forum. However, there has been some discussion on the GBR website forum offering various views from some members.

It seems generally accepted that none of the proposals outlined in the roadmap can be implemented without sufficient funding. The plan to increase member countries affiliation fees payable to OKDIA each year needs to be approved before any positive outcomes can be achieved from policies suggested in the roadmap.

It is my personal view that the suggested figure of GBP15 per individual member from member countries is a good place to start so hopefully this initial hurdle can be cleared so that the OKDIA committee can get on with the job. The other proposals for possible income streams can be pursued further if considered appropriate as time and circumstances allow. There is just no point in getting bogged down with specific pros and cons at this time.

I also agree that the plan to move towards a paid Class Manager has considerable merit. Hopefully this objective can be achieved within the 10 year time frame if member countries can accept the overall objectives of OKDIA's endeavours. Over the next few years it would seem appropriate to adopt a "pay as we go" policy for the necessary professional skills required to achieve our various short term objectives.

Most members seem to agree that better promotion of our class activities is of major importance. An upgrade of our OKDIA website and an OK dinghy class magazine are worthwhile projects. The OKDIA committee obviously has the people skills available to proceed with these tasks so members need to understand that it does cost money to pay for the necessary professional services needed to get what we want.

Our technical overhaul tasks face similar time and skills requirements. Again, we have the people skills available to rewrite the Constitution and to proceed with a rewrite of the Class Rules to be ERS compliant but these will both be extremely time consuming exercises. There is no way that OKDIA could afford to pay anyone their professional worth to do these jobs but the establishment of acceptable honorariums for certain tasks might be considered appropriate if this could help to achieve the desired results.

There is always a risk that this kind of thinking could get some older members "offside". Many of us have already given much voluntary time and skills in service to our various associations over the past 50 years or so whilst also working in full time jobs. However, times have changed so maybe we just have to get over this!

There is much for members to consider in this document. It is quite clear that it will mean many different things to many different people. For the time being we need to put first things first and ensure that we can progress the matter through to the next level.

I encourage all members of our National Associations to support the general principles of the OKDIA Strategic Roadmap 2015-2024.

Bill Tyler

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