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Topic: skipper boats

Hi,what ever happen to the skipper boats?bart bomans bel 44 greg Wilcox nzl 522? and any others? they were ply foam ply?

Hi Thomas,
The Dave Rose/Skipper hulls are still very much alive and doing very well. Synergy Marine took on this shape and have built a number of boats since 2011 including a boat in the top 10 at the 2015 Worlds and a 2012 British Championship winning boat. The boats are proving very quick, especially downwind, in different hands.

The original boats were ply/foam construction but ours are FRP moulded boats with a couple of very pretty wooden decked boats. We're in the process of making some small changes to the construction to reduce cost without impacting speed - can't say much more at the moment but if you're interested get in touch.


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Thomas, I am having a new Dave Rose built boat right now.(you call it a skipper ) It is as you say built out of ply and foam. Mine will be the 3rd boat Dave has made in 2015. He has one himself, my son David Carroll has one and mine will be the third. So to answer your question the original Rose Boats are still up and running.
You say any others ? Dave has built about 25 now, in 2015 at the Worlds in Poland OK 2042 was 10th overall. Dave Rose won the UK nationals in this very boat in 1990. So they stand the test of time and are very competitive.
Hope this helps Ken.

The name Skipper came from the company my son David Carroll owned with his wife Jo. Dave Rose was working with DC at the time and the boat was sold as a skipper boat. There was only ever 2 actual skipper boats. Bart had one and DC had the other. DC exchanged his skipper with Greg for and Ice Breaker.

Hi ken and Si

Thanks for the information,Barts old boat is the one im trying to track down as I always liked the look of it,the last known owner that I can find is a Thierry demblon sailing as bel 219 but he seems to have gone missing,i sailed gregs boat once and really liked it
Good to know Dave rose is still building them.

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