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Topic: Looking for an OK in AUS - solved

Hi all,
I'm looking to purchase an OK with a view to doing the next NSW Nationals and 2017 World Championships - more socially than competitively but...
Looking for a fibreglass hull, perhaps a Botterill and rig is set up for a lightweight. Don't want to break the bank as I am still building a new International Canoe, but want something that is on minimum weight with a trolley. Would consider leasing if someone has a boat but doesn't want to part with it but I would want to be racing it from ASAP until it goes in the container.
Would be racing out of Adelaide for the rest of 2016.

PM or email me at cknh@bigpond.net.au


I sail an IC because chicks dig scars.

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A boat has been found. Cheers

I sail an IC because chicks dig scars.

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