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Topic: looking for an OK sail in Canada/US

In 1967 we had the OK worlds in Montreal at the Royal St Lawrence YC. I bought a wood one for the occasion and a benefactor bought 10 GRP ones for people to buy at cost, as there weren't many in the country. We were all schooled by the Aussies(read Clive Roberts), Brits, Swedes, and Danes, but it was one of the most fun regattas I've attended(almost got me kicked out of the YC), and led me toward a sailing life of single handed dinghies. OK, the point: In going to purchase a lovely Raudaschl Finn, the seller led me to an OK (GRP) in very good shape, new boom, and a Finn Needlespar mast (black tip)which I assume was going to be cut down to fit an OK sail, as it had measurement #s and lines in pencil up from the base. Is that possible? I seem to remember a call out from the OKDIA asking us Finn sailors for round carbon masts when we started using wing masts(??)Anyway, I would like to get this boat sailing, but don't know any sailmakers in the US or Canada that would cut an OK sail…..I'm looking for either a decent used or new one
Ross Emmans

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Hi Ross,
Nice story about OK's in Canada. It would be great to get a worlds back there some day. No problem to convert a Finn mast to go in an ok, but you will need to cut the bottom off and move the gooseneck up.
I have a decent P&B sail which i need to sell.Say £250 - if interested let me know and i will look into shipping.

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