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Topic: restore?

I have had my OK since the early 70's. US689, Cima built.The boat was last sailed in the 80's, damaged in a mishap, hurricane, general personal sad neglect. I'm wondering if I should, could restore. The hull is, I think, good. Deck also. Ronstan bailers gone. Mast is Sitka spruce, likely worm holed but I hope usable. Boom is fine but bent. Sail has been protected. blocks in hand. rudder, tiller fine. hiking straps gone, cosmetics (paint) hull,deck, interior a mess, but fiberglass is still good. Flotation is likely not usable.centerboard exists but hardware is unknown. Any advice welcomed. I'm 66 years old but almost fit enough to sail casually in Cape Fear NC Waterway. Advice most appreciated. Regards, Tony

Hello Tony
Why not?. You have all winter and I assume somewhere to do the work. Should keep you out of mischief.
Take a look at www.cvrda.org for inspiration not to mention help and advise if needed. The boys and girls on there really love old woodies but there is a lot of knowledge about old fibreglass too.
Best of luck
Alan ( gbr 1211 )

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Hello Tony.
A further thought or two on this.
There is plenty of info on fitting out the OK,once you've done the repair and painting bit including centreboard control systems and "hardware", on this site under the link " the boat" and then "technical manual"
If you require a cheap secondhand mast and boom, will these be difficult to source in the USA?

Thank you very much

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