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Topic: Taxi Sharing Offer, 6 March, Tunis Aiport-Hammamet

Taxi Sharing Potential - Thursday 6 March. Tunis Airport - Hammamet - 22:45

To go from Airport to join the rest of the race convoy in Hammamet. I arrive from Heathrow at 22:15, so planning to leave airport 22:45. You can send me a private message on the forum.

Hi J
I am arriving from Heathrow flying with Tunisair on what looks like the same flight as you. (land at 22.15)
I am trying to get to Douz.........for the rally
Do you want to share a taxi to Douz?
I am only going one way as I have booked an internal flight back to Tunis from Tozeur on the 15th......V cheap if you need to get back to the same flight as me to return to Heathrow.
If you want to talk give me a ring on 07764777334
All the best

yes, we fly together, it would be nice to catch up on the plane.

I am afraid I am only going to hammamet, but maybe we can share the taxi until then. I am not sure such a long drive to Douz at midnight / early ours of the morning is advisable.

I am sleeping at Hammamet with the rest of the org, joining my team there, and driving with them.

If you only went to Hammamet, It is highly likely that a service vehicle could make room for you to go down to Douz on Friday morning.

The return is a great point, I will look into the internal flight.

Sounds like a plan and maybe I will join you at Hammamet.
Who is your service team?
Give me a text with your number.

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