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Topic: Anybody traveling from Tunis to Douz on March 5th?

Hi, I will be traveling from Tunis (landing 11.20am) to Douz on March 5th, around noon.
Anybody else doing the same?
I'm looking for possible partners for the trip, either by taking an available seat on a rally vehicle driving to Douz -sharing cost-, or sharing the trip with others using public transportation.
I speak english, italian and a little french.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Giorgio Borgonovo
Ag. Archimede

Hi Girogio,
have you already found a partner for the trip from Tunis to Douz?`


Hi Oliver,
No, not yet.

Are you traveling to Douz on the same day/time?

My reasoning is that if I can bring together 4-6 people the best solution would be to hire one of the local minibus (kind of a large taxi) to take all us to Douz.
I imagine the total cost for the trip would be in the range of 400-500 Dinars (200 Euros or little more).

Otherwise, if I will be alone, or with one or two other people, I think the best -and likely most comfortable- solution, will be to fly from Tunis to Gafsa with Tunisair Express at 3pm, cost per person about 53 Euros one way.
Gafsa airport is at about 130Km from Douz and from there I think at hiring a local vehicle (taxi, minibus or whatever) or, if alone, may be simply looking for a lift.

Please let me know what you think, here, at, or at my mobile +39 346 0788597.



I am arriving at Tunis airport at 1500hrs on the 5th March. I'm hiring a car and traveling down to Douz. If you want a lift - let me know.


James (UK) +44 7887946 301 /


Thank you very much for your availability, but I have already arranged my trip to Douz with Oliver -previous posts- and his group (they are landing in Tunis at 12.30pm).
Hope to offer you a drink when I'll meet you in Douz though


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