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Topic: gps

any one suggest which type of gps is suitable for car use on the rally

Orga recommends garmin 60 or 62.
That is probably fine for motorbikes, but for cars something with bigger screen would work out better.

A Garmin Oregon or a Garmin Montana would defenitely be better than a 62, as the screen is twice the size, yet you can run them with batteries that will last an entire day easy, so no cabling required.

Some people have fitted Marine units, but those only work cabled up, and the organization is going to ask for your GPS at the end of day to read the actual track you've followed. So if they want Garmin, and it's best if portable, it does not leave many choices. Oregon or Montana.

for cars and trucks are also recommended these devices:

Garmin 276
Garmin 278

recommended specification of a GPS:

10K point automatic track log
10 saved Rout500 points each Track
10 reversible routes with up to 50 points each

Garmin 276 and Garmin 278 are both very good units, they have not been made for several years, but they are very good units.

They are more or less same size screen as a Garmin Montana, but they are not touchscreen.

Some people go crazy with marine units... but at the end of the day, you should be following the roadbook, otherwise you may miss secret CPs along the way.

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