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Topic: insurance

having trouble obtaining green card insurance for the rallye any one got any suggestions in the uk

I tried about 10 companies in the UK and gave up in the end.

It looks like it is fairly easy to get some kind of green card on arrival at Tunis, but I did not want the hassle, so I went with the german insurer as recommened by Rainer.

Unfortunately, the minimum period they insure is one month, so in the end I paid around 200 or so, but at least it is an european company/underwriter, with a very high 3rd party limit.

I have forgetten the name of the company, but it ought to be in the documentation of the race.

cheers thanks for that see you at the event

Minimum Coverage, 1 month, Third Part Liability 500.000,00 cover each claim.

Expect to pay around 208 euros plus credit card fee.
The cover is valid in all African Countries.

It ought to be cheaper in Tunis, but if done in advanced it is one less thing to worry about.

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