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Topic: Difference between Motorcycle Pro and Amateur?

Just considering an entry for 2015 but would like to know if there is any difference between Motorcycle Pro and Motorcycle amateur in terms of stage length, time limits etc or is just simply two different classes with the same regulations/requirements?



Roughly speaking, it is all the same for both, the amateurs do the same track as the pros the vast majority of the time, but less distance, sometimes missing the most difficult bits.
Amateur distance is generally between half and two thirds of the pro distance.

If you are a good driver amateur will not be enough, if you have never driven in sand, then go for amateur.
You can change class a the end of the first day anyway, try one class and depending on how you get on, stay on the class or move to the other one.

Don't worry so much about strict regulations, other than safety equipment, it is a friendly event, you are never disqualified, you can always start the following day.

A good Garmin GPS you are familiar with is essential. Navigation is key.

For transport you can hook up with others here to share taxis and things like that.

Thanks for that, I have three years experience of racing in UK Rallies and twenty five years of trail riding experience so don't consider myself a beginner.

But I've never ridden dunes before, although I hope to be going on a trip to Morocco in October, visiting Quarzazate, Zagora and Erg Chebi so will have to see how i get on.

Depending on how that goes i'll decide which class a bit later.

I have a Garmin Montana, so that's sorted.

Transport is sorted as my friend is racing his 4x4 and has room on the trailer for the bike, i'll most probably fly straight into Quarzazate.

Easy going event raced this year first time car amateur had major mechanical problems but still had good time met some great people every one seems to help everyone great atmosphere we will be entering again we will be setting off from Staffordshire I would suggest amateur and as already suggested navigation is key

Well I went and did it yesterday and put my entry in for 2015

Had to select something to enter, so have gone for moto pro over 50 but that might change after my recce to Morocco!

Navigation is not the issue for me as I have a lot of experience in that field and I'm confident of my abilities.

However I'm less confident about my age, potential for injury, (lack of) fitness and riding ability !

However I'm less confident about my age, potential for injury, (lack of) fitness and riding ability !

How old are you?
I have a similar problems before making a decision

I'm 53 but will be 54 in October.

Whilst I know there are plenty of guys older than me, many of them have been racing a lot longer than my 3 years!!!

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