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Topic: Fuel Range

Hello all,
it seems that the maximum fuel range for motorcycles has increased from 160 km in the last years to 180 km, or was it always 180 km?
I have read in the forum that 13l tank should be enough for a EXC 450, but this is maybe calculated for the 160km. Own tests in enduro races showed 12l-13l for 180 km, so there is not much left for navigation issues. It's my first rally and I have no experiences how good the stages in Morocco are comparable to one day enduro races in Germany (Deutscher Enduro Pokal).
Has someone experiences with a KTM EXC 450 2010? Are the long stages with the maximum range mainly on faster tracks, or could it be that the maximum range will be reached in dune sections?

Thank you for any hints, thoughts, experience.


I recently did a test of my 525EXC with a 13litre tank, 80% off road in UK conditions (MUD)! and got to 198km before I had to switch to reserve.

Wenn Du Dir nicht sicher bist pack Dir doch einfach ne 1,5 L Flasche in den Rucksack.

Well for future reference, 13 litres on a 525 EXC will get you 180km but only just!

On day five Merzouga to Zagora, I only used the front 13 litre tank but ran onto reserve 32km before CP1 but made it in without having to switch to the rear tank.

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