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Topic: travel to morrocco

we are leaving uk on 27 feb [evening] from staffordshire heading for barcelona ferry departure sunday anyone wanting to travel alongside please contact if not see you there.

Hi, This is our 1st Tuareg, we are travelling from Cheshire, but are going under our own steam to Morocco,leaving Sunday, hoping to get to Oaurzazate Wed.

Hi, we'll leave Welwyn Garden City on Tuesday morning from Portsmouth to Bilbao, cross Spain and again cross from Tarifa to Tangier.We hope to get there on the 6th. Maybe we'll meet along the way

i hope you got my message one of the alerts raised is the tichn ticha pass may be closed because of snow we will probably be passing that way before you if you contact me 07966277721 or send me your number i will let keep you informed on the condition of the road the other route is 400km diversion regards eugene

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