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Topic: Navigation Help

We have never entered anything like this before and so we have no experience of navigating using a Garmin 60 off road although we have used Sat Navs on the road.

The build of our machine has taken so long that we are only now getting around to learning how to use the sat nav but we leave on Tuesday for the rally

Will we be able to get some advice from people once we arrive at the rally start hotel ?

Sure, on the car it is less daunting as you got the copilot doing it pretty much full time. If you are driving solo or you are a biker then it is harder.

If you are a biker, then suggest you get help from a biker, if you are a car driver feel free to look for me I am car #201.

For a start I would suggest you get a bigger screen sat nav, a Garmin Montana 600, 650, 610, 680... they are probably the biggest you can have in the Garmin family of handhelds.

The 610 & 680 receive signals from both GPS and GLONASS so they will be quicker to position from cold and more accurate, but the 600 or 650 are fine too.

if you have a GPS with a very small screen it will be hard to see it, and you can get dizzy trying to see something so small while you are on the move. A bigger screen helps a lot.

Get a good mount, cheap ones will break.

Suggest you load the *.gpx files by copying them into the GARMIN/GPX folder, and that is it. Then use the garmin as much as you can, on the train, on foot on the way to work whatever, to familiarize yourself with it. Failure to familiarize yourself with it can lead to you getting lost.

A topo map in the background helps too, but it is not essential.

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