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Topic: Travel

Hi all,

What is the best ferry to take to cross from Spain to Morocco?


My team will be crossing, most likely Thursday night (on the sleeper boat) from Almeria to Nador (or Melilla), so they wake up Friday in Morocco, and arrive Friday afternoon/night to Midelt.

Exact ferries have not been published yet, but it should be very soon, I believe they only publish 3 months in advanced.

We are Madrid based, if you want to go in Convoy you are welcome to join us.

I would strongly advise to try to go in convoy back from Morocco to Europe, as we are likely to have loads of people trying to jump on our trailers, and the more of us there are the smaller the impact, if you are alone going back it can be daunting, similar to what was happening in Calei.

Remember that in Morocco Ferry Terminal they will expect one person per vehicle. If you are in a car with a trailer with 3 motorbikes, the Moroccans will expect 4 people, otherwise you may have to leave a motorbike behind.

At least 1 person per vehicle you enter in the country.

Many thanks for the advice! I didn't realise it was so bad!

I shall post on here nearer the time when we have confirmed.

Thank you!

hi Elisabeth
I suggest you to check on tuareg rallye website and check the flight chances,is better fly to Fes and cheapest.
If you arrive in Nador with ferry you will spend same money than flight and then you need to take a taxi for Midelt..if you are alone can be other 200..from fes to Midelt could be less..maybe 100..I did in this way..

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