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Topic: Taureg 2018

I am looking to enter in 2018 with a Polaris 1000 sportsman for my first ralle.Any help or pointers would be appreciated!! Many Thanks Mitch

If there are 2 of you on the polaris, then one drives one navigates, easy.

If you are by yourself, then I suggest you get the motorbike roller (for the roadbook paper), and enter a Spanish Baja in 2017 to get practise of navigation and racing at the same time.

Spanish Bajas have multiple categories:
Velocidad (car/polaris has to be FIA standard), you have to be able to drive very fast. expect 500 ~ 650 km off road per weekend.

Regularidad (average speed), much lower spec required, half the distance. Not FIA standard, basic security required.

Excursion (not timed in any way), not always available.

The Tuareg will be like chaining a Spanish Baja day, but for 7 consecutive days. The Tuareg is immensely good value for money.

The Tuareg offers many categories, you could just enter depending on your level, just choose the right category depending on your skills. Pro is proper tough.

Watch the range, I don't know what your fuel range is, but I would research getting a fuel tank extension or something.

I thought you had a bigger polaris, 1000cc is a big engine.
You would be more like a quad biker.
You need 3 things first of all:
- a tripmeter
- a roadbook roll display
- a gps

See following photo:

Unless you want to join a guided category. I which case you probably need nothing, just follow the guide.

Best thing is for you to go in person for a day or two as a visitor in 2017. Then race 2018.

Thanks for the advice
I have looked at a Spanish Baja and will use it to gain experience

Hi Mitch,
you can parachute into a seat in the 4x4 raid- (appox 4000 Euro) does everything the rally does just without a placing. great way to experience the rally without buying bike or car etc with little prep and similar money to a motorcycle entry once you include service and transport.

My Buddy did it last year and this year he has bought his iwn 4x4 racer!!!!
Best regards

hello mitch all good advice from jesus be prepaired for fun not to much pressure accept from yourself organisation helpful great atmosphere concentrate on getting navigation as good as you can this is the key rather than trying to go as fast as you can try and travel with organisation or in convoy as easier i have competed in this rally several times and i will be returning in 2018 in my car [amateur] so will see you there i am based in staffordshire if you carry on with your plans contact me i will help where i can and can meet up to travel down if you are driving down we have mobile workshop and mechanics who travel with us regards eugene

Hi Eugene
Thanks for the advice
I will be traveling from France on the west coast and would be happier to travel in convoy 4.5t van
We now live in France but I was born a clay head! From stoke
Regards Mitch

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