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Topic: GPS

Hi all:

What GPS can we use for Tuareg?


Any modern Garmin so the organisation can get the track easily at the end of the day.

They recommend 62 series between others, but the screen is a touch small. For bikers might be OK, but a bigger screen is better.

Montanas are popular as they have 4" screen, and you can copy tracks wirelessly between two Garmin devices.

if you are British, go to a "go outdoors shop" and seen them all side by side, then you will appreciate screen size difference.

Thanks for replying!

Will we get them at scrutineering?

you get the tracks in advanced of the race, so you can prepare them in advanced if you want, but remember, you have to navigate following the roadbook, not the GPS.

You only follow the GPS when the roadbook says that you navigate by GPS. Otherwise always navigate by roadbook.


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