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Topic: Taxi Share FEZ to Midelt Friday 17th March

Anyone arriving on flight Ryanair Milan => FEZ FR4728, on Friday 17th March, that wants to share a Taxi to Midelt.

There are 2 of us, we are happy to take one more on our taxi, maybe 2 max.

Whatsapp on: 07986384595

I am arriving at 14.15 o clock in Fes with Ryanair FR 5702.
I am alone and will be happy to found a Taxi together.

We arrive to FEZ on Flight FR4728 from Milan on Friday, at 21:21 (09:21 pm). There are 2 of us. We are only taking hand luggage. So we could take one or two more people with us.

Taxi is estimated to be 120~150 euros. If anyone arrives on the same flight as us, or earlier flight and happy to wait, then they can potentially save 100 euros or more instead of going alone.

Feel free to whatsapp me on: +44 7986 384 595

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