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Topic: Garmin Montana 650 and 650T for sale

Garmin Montana 650 and 650T for sale.

Used, but in perfect working condition. No scratches to the screens whatsoever, always used with screen protectors.

Both can take photos and have the ability to navigate to the photo taken.

The 650 has more built in memory than the 600s, and the 650T has even more memory than the 650.

See specs:

They are loaded with Tuareg Rally race tracks and 2017 Morocco Topographic map. Configured to track by time every 5 seconds, as ORGA specifies. Ready to Race.

335 euros for the 650 and 385 euros for the 650T.
Complete with rechargable battery and charging cable.

In interested whatsapp me on +44 7986 384 595. I can deliver early Saturday in peson.

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