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In Memoriam Hartmuth Wiedenroth († 03.06.2011)

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Thema: Wilhelma / Stuttgart

Good morning

thank you Mervi for the informations and pictures about Wilbär.


Hello friends! Here's a little something from Orsa posted by Pernilla Thalin, Orsa Polar World:


After a cold night the ice had frozen and Willbär's food was placed on the ice in a white box. Of course, Herr Willbär was anxious to examine the contents of the box as soon as possible but oh, the ice was too thin to carry his weight - more than 250 kilos!

Well, our Willbär is a polar bear and certainly not afraid to jump into the ice cold water to get his food!

The box smells good! I wonder what yammy things are hiding inside.....maybe a salmon or two....I'm going to forget all about my diet and enjoy my lunch!

How do you like my icy restaurant? I think it's OK but it will be even better when the days get colder and the ice gets thicker. Then I'm going to show you some ice breaking!!

Yesterday a team from Swedish TV visited the Polar World and both Ewa and Willbär seemed to enjoy all the attention showed to them. They were playing and swimming happily together. The highlight of the day was the two pumpkins they got for the first time in Orsa. Obviously they've eaten pumpkins before because they made a new ER (enclosure record) in running to catch the delicatesses. Pumpkins are such nice things - one can play with them not to mention one can eat them!

Willbär even stepped willingly on the scales that showed he now weighs 264 kilos!

Greetings from Mervi

Wilbär und Ewa haben wirklich das grosse Los gezogen
Es freut mich das es zwischen den beiden so gut läuft...

@ Mervi

Heute spreche ich Dich aus diesem Forum mal an ...
Ein Dank an Dich das Du uns immer mit News aus Schweden "fütterst".


Mervi, thank you so much for the good news from Sweden.

Ursi is absolutely right, we are happy that you keep us informed about Wilbär and Ewa who seem to get along famously.


Hello friends!

It has been a blizzard in Orsa and now the enclosure of Ewa and Wilbär is covered with white, soft stuff. The bears are sooooo happy!

You'll find more photos here:


Greetings from Mervi

Hello Mervi

thank you for the informations about Wilbär and Ewa.


Hello friends!

There are some beautiful photos of two bears dancing in the snow in KWM:


Danke,das sind ganz besonders reizende Bilder

Liebe Grüße Helga Sp

Hello again!

Our dear Wilbär has celebrated his 2nd birthday with lots of visitors, cakes and presents.

More photos in Knuti's Weekly:

Wilbär had a wonderful birthday

Snowy polar bear hugs from Mervi

Stuttgarter Zoo trauert um Eisbärbaby


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