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Hallo zusammen
Ich bin jetzt in der 12 SSW und es ist ungewollt ich habe schon 4 kinder und somit mit weitere kinder bekommen abgeschlossen ich kann auch keine gefühle aufbauen. wer wirklich ernsthaft interesse hat darf mir gerne schreiben :-)

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Würde dir so gerne helfen wünsche mir so sehr ein Kind. Bitte melde dich bei mir.


mein Mann und ich wünschen uns schon seit 15 Jahren ein Kind und würden gerne Deinem Kind ein liebevolles Heim geben.

Ich würde mich über eine Nachricht von Dir freuen.



Du bist fake.
You have scammed us. Told us you were pregnant with twins and could not keep them.
What kind of person are you . ??? 👎👎😯😲😔😢

unfortunately most of them are fakes and just want to make money out of this serious matter.
We too have been scammed before by different persons, some of them are "working" on this platform as well.
feel so sorry for you!


I am so sorry to hear that. What is it these fake people get out of it, scamming others with using children as a excuse . They have no empathy no lacks of other people's private pictures.
We have been send ultrasound pictures of different babies, they don't get that it is felony to steal others pictures and use them for such purpose.

All we just want is a chance to be a family as many other families take for granted.
I wish nothing but the best for you wunschmutti, and I hope you soon will find a woman who is true and real.


thx for your kind words.

Once we found a kind person who promised to help us, she told us, she wanted no money, just dearly wants to help us to experience the happiness of being parents and having a child. She had three kids on her own, doesnt want another child.

Luckily she got pregnant on third attempt.
We met several times in the meantime, no word about any money, she might want or charge us. Nevertheless we gave her Money to meet her expenses. No Problem.

By the time beeing 7 months pregnant - around Easter 2015 - we asked her to clear things with the authorities and wanted to go there together. Only then she wanted us to pay about 50.000 Euro, otherwise she would keep the Baby.... Of course we couldn't match her demands. If she would have told us in advance, we would have denied her kind of "Help" at once!

We tried to calm her down and tried to make her accept monthly instalments, but she was mad. She was in financial difficulties as we had to learn, so she kept the baby... coming forward with this demand of money at this stage made us feel like beeing blackmailed, no wonder! Well, "our" little Baby Girl was born in July that very year.

I know of some persons, who do scam not only one but a lot more at the same time, so they can make a living out of it. People tend to make them happy and do everything, just in order to get a Baby. But not with us anymore. If Faith is beeing destroyed, its very hard to restore.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that you will find the right person that meets your wishes, to help you get a Baby!

Jetzt pass mal gut auf was du hier schreibst ist Verleugnung und falsche Behauptungen aufstellen. Sie verwechseln mich. Sie müssen jemand anderen meinen. Aber ich war noch nie schwanger und suche genauso wie sie eine Leihmutter. Erstmal nachdenken bevor man hier falsche Behauptungen aufstellt!!

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