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Toxic Love
by Robert Burney M. A.

"As long as we believe that someone else has the power to make us happy then we are setting ourselves up to be victims"
Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls
One of the biggest problems with relationships in this society is that the context we approach them from is too small. We were taught that getting the relationship is the goal.

It starts in early childhood with Fairy Tales where the Prince and the Princess live happily-ever-after. It continues in movies and books where "boy meets girl" "boy loses girl" "boy gets girl back" - the music swells and the happy couple ride off into the sunset. The songs that say "I can't smile without you" "I can't live without you" "You are my everything" describe the type of love we learned about growing up - toxic love - an addiction with the other person as our drug of choice, as our Higher Power.

Any time we set another human being up to be our Higher Power we are going to experience failure in whatever we are trying to accomplish. We will end up feeling victimized by the other person or by our self - and even when we feel victimized by the other person we blame our self for the choices we made. We are set up to fail to get our needs met in Romantic Relationships because of the belief system we were taught in childhood and the messages we got from our society growing up.

There is no goal to reach that will bring us to happily-ever after. We are not incomplete until we find our soul mate. We are not halves that cannot be whole without a relationship.

True Love is not a painful obsession. It is not taking a hostage or being a hostage. It is not all-consuming, isolating, or constricting. Believing we can't be whole or happy without a relationship is unhealthy and leads us to accept deprivation and abuse, and to engage in manipulation, dishonesty, and power struggles. The type of love we learned about growing up is an addiction, a form of toxic love.

Here is a short list of the characteristics of Love vs. toxic love (compiled with the help of the work of Melody Beattie & Terence Gorski.)

1. Love - Development of self first priority.
Toxic love - Obsession with relationship.
2. Love - Room to grow, expand; desire for other to grow.
Toxic love - Security, comfort in sameness; intensity of need seen as proof of love (may really be fear, insecurity, loneliness)

3. Love - Separate interests; other friends; maintain other meaningful relationships.
Toxic love - Total involvement; limited social life; neglect old friends, interests.

4. Love - Encouragement of each other's expanding; secure in own worth.
Toxic love - Preoccupation with other's behavior; fear of other changing.

5. Love - Appropriate Trust (i.e. trusting partner to behave according to fundamental nature.)
Toxic love - Jealousy; possessiveness; fear of competition; protects "supply."

6. Love - Compromise, negotiation or taking turns at leading. Problem solving together.
Toxic love - Power plays for control; blaming; passive or aggressive manipulation.

7. Love - Embracing of each other's individuality.
Toxic love - Trying to change other to own image.

8. Love - Relationship deals with all aspects of reality.
Toxic love - Relationship is based on delusion and avoidance of the unpleasant.

9. Love - Self-care by both partners; emotional state not dependent on other's mood.
Toxic love - Expectation that one partner will fix and rescue the other.

10. Love - Loving detachment (healthy concern about partner, while letting go.)
Toxic love - Fusion (being obsessed with each other's problems and feelings.)

11. Love - Sex is free choice growing out of caring & friendship.
Toxic love - Pressure around sex due to insecurity, fear & need for immediate gratification.

12. Love - Ability to enjoy being alone.
Toxic love - Unable to endure separation; clinging.

13. Love - Cycle of comfort and contentment.
Toxic love - Cycle of pain and despair.

Love is not supposed to be painful. There is pain involved in any relationship but if it is painful most of the time then something is not working.
There is nothing wrong with wanting a relationship - it is natural and healthy. There is nothing wrong with wanting a relationship that will last forever - expecting it to last forever is what is dysfunctional. Expectations set us up to be a victim - and cause to abandon ourselves in search of our goal.

If we can start seeing relationships not as the goal but as opportunities for growth then we can start having more functional relationships. A relationship that ends is not a failure or a punishment - it is a lesson.

As long as our definition of a successful relationship is one that lasts forever - we are set up to fail. As long as we believe that we have to have the other in our life to be happy, we are really just an addict trying to protect our supply - using another person as our drug of choice. That is not True Love - nor is it Loving.

Robert Burney is a codependency counselor, inner child therapist, and Spiritual Teacher who is the author of the Joyously inspirational Spiritual book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls. His web site is

This article is Copyright 2002 by Robert Burney and was originally published on Robert's Inner Child/Codependency Recovery Topic page of the Directory Suite101 --

With Wishes of Joy to You & Me ~ Robert Burney ~
Abundant Spirituality + codependence recovery + inner child healing + Love = Joy2MeU
Author of Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls - a life changing book

Das hab ich grade gefunden. Ich hoffe, die Übersetzung stimmt so. Wenn jemand das Original kennt, bitte reinsetzten (nicht Ihr Euch sondern hier reinschreiben )

C.G. Jung:

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."

Wir werden nicht erleuchtet wenn wir uns Figuren aus Licht vorstellen sondern wenn wir uns der/die Dunkelheit bewusst machen.

Das Krankhafte kann nicht einfach wie ein Fremdkörper beseitigt werden, ohne dass man Gefahr läuft, zugleich etwas Wesentliches, das auch leben sollte, zu zerstören. Unsere Aufgabe besteht nicht drin, es zu vernichten, sondern wir sollten vielmehr das, was wachsen will, hegen und pflegen, bis es schliesslich seine Rolle in der Ganzheit der Seele spielen kann. (Jung, GW 16, § 293)

I couldn't help but copy it from the other forum. It is worth to share it.

General Discussion - Manifesting Good for Others Subscribe
From: MDNGHTMGCK Jan-10 8:41 pm
To: ALL (1 of 7)


When it comes to manifesting good for others there is one important thing that we must know-we can't do it. No matter how good our intentions, how much we want to make their lives better, how close we are to them, we cannot use our power to manifest change in another's life. That is not to say that we cannot participate in that process, be supportive and provide appropriate assistance. But all of the efforts that we extend on behalf of others have to be done with consideration for their free will, their own karmic lessons and their ability to accept responsibility for their behavior and life situation. Just as we have each learned, through our own process of spiritual growth, that we have to accept responsibility for our lives and actions, others must go through this process as well. If our spiritual knowledge helps us get through life's rough spots, it is only because we have acquired that spiritual knowledge and then learned to apply it to our own lives. This wasn't something that someone could tell us or show us, it is something that we had to learn through trial and error, by taking steps forward and backward, and by eventually surrendering our own free will to the Universe and learning to work with its energy instead of against it or in spite of it.

When we know these spiritual truths it can be very tempting to become generous with those who are close to us and to share our knowledge with them, even focusing our own manifestation ability on their behalf, hoping that our own knowledge will help them formulate a shortcut through their issues. But just as it took time for us to arrive at that point at which we could no longer 'take it any more,' so must everyone else. They must get to that point where they have exhausted their personal resources, find their own spiritual center and gain their own spiritual knowledge before they can arrive at that place of connectedness, peace and joy.

This doesn't mean that we have to ignore others through their struggles-we are all connected and we are here to help each other. But we can help them more effectively by blessing them, sending them love and light and then waiting patiently until they arrive at a point where they come to us for assistance. If we try to help them in other ways, by taking on their issues, then we become part of their problem, instead of providing a solution. It is at that point, when they ask for help, that they are truly ready to listen, truly ready to change and to accept and understand the knowledge that we can share with them. When we try to help those who are not ready for help by focusing our manifestation efforts on changing their lives, our efforts can be mistaken for manipulation, judgment or criticism. If those close to you are really struggling at this time, be as supportive and helpful as you can. See them as happy, healthy, enjoying abundance and at peace. They will eventually move towards that image, according to their ability and within their own time frame, and then you will have helped them to learn to manifest these things for themselves.

I am feeling

this was written by the Uriel channelings and I MISSED PUTTING THAT CREDIT THERE!!

Und wieder was "gemopst" zum Thema "freier Wille":

Free Will

From: Turs (Original Message) Sent: 2/3/2005 8:25 AM
Free will is a thing that some may find confusing, not understanding the term nor the ramifications of what it may mean. Free will is the thing that is the main thing. People are allowed to do what they wish when it comes to making mistakes, choosing their path, what they wish to learn, how fast to mature, evolve ect.

Most do not understand free will being what it is. Free will lets them mature fast or almost not all all for lifetimes of incarnations at a time. They can also have contact with the soul realms or not as they wish. Many do not wish to allow folks to have free will and wish, consciously or not to control others or that others were more like them and or following the rules they follow.

In the long run free will leads to folks maturing properly, though with some it can take many eons if not eons of eons and much mistake making along the way. Free will is also the natural state of the universes and all that exists since things are a part of the greater whole, though individuals they by nature have free will.

Free will here is often controlled or attempted to be controlled. Many allow others to control them and choose to allow others to do this, not knowing they have the power to choose to not follow others. They find being a follower and allowing others to dictate to them and control them easier then thinking for themselves. Many follow this step for varying lengths of time, eventually finding themselves or choosing to go their own path exercising their free will. Some far faster then others. Though with free will each will choose when it is best for them and there is no one right path or time table.

Accepting free will of others is at times harder then it may seem even to those who seem very advanced and evolved, as hard as accepting yourself and accepting others as individuals and self willed souls. Indeed many if not all fall into this, even those advanced may do so.

Trying to see things more properly as some may say, that all are self willed souls and allowed to do things themselves with no one right path takes time and a more relaxed approach. It can be developed slowly through attempted to do so, till one thinks this way more and more, even if only at the back of one's mind.

Self Reliance

From: Turs (Original Message) Sent: 6/19/2003 5:31 AM

Trust yourself and your inner nature, for you are the only true master of yourself, not others. Do not follow others blindly, take what they say, perhaps look around at a few other opinions or ideas. Then go within and see what your own true inner nature says. Go with it till you feel a need, if any, to change.

You will proceed at a pace you find comfortable. Do not let nor allow others to force you to go at a pace you find uncomfortable. Your inner sense is the best indicator and guide you can have. Do not look to another for this need.

You can reach within and find the only guide you'll ever need. Your own inner true self. You can be totally self reliant, and not needing any others to guide you or dispence information.

So it is best to not follow others blindly, follow your own inner sense and guide, for that is the only one you truely need.

Ein lieber Mensch hat doch tatsächlich die Co-Abhängigkeit vom englischen ins deutsche übersetzt. Manche Dinge lohnen sich einfach, sie auszusitzen
Co Abhängigkeit

In der Coabhängigkeit hängen meine guten Gefühle davon ab, dass du mich magst.
In der Genesung hängen meine guten Gefühle davon ab, dass ich mich mag.

In der Coabhängigkeit hängen meine guten Gefühle von deiner Achtung meiner Person ab.
In der Genesung hängen meine guten Gefühle von meiner Selbstachtung ab.

In der Coabhängigkeit beeinflusst dein Kampf meine Ruhe und Gelassenheit.
In der Genesung spielt dein Kampf für mich eine Rolle, weil ich mich um dich sorge, aber er kontrolliert nicht, wie ich über mich selbst empfinde.

In der Coabhängigkeit wird meine Selbstachtung dadurch gestärkt, dass ich deine Probleme löse und deine Muster erkenne.
In der Genesung kommt meine Selbstachtung daher, dass ich meine Probleme löse und manchmal meine Muster erfahre.

In der Coabhängigkeit konzentriert sich meine Aufmerksamkeit darauf, dir zu gefallen.
In der Genesung gefalle ich mir, selbst wenn es dir nicht gefällt.

In der Coabhängigkeit konzentriere ich mich darauf, dich zu schützen.
In der Genesung schütze ich mich, selbst wenn ich dich dadurch manchmal ungeschützt lasse, ich weiß, dass du auf dich selbst aufpassen kannst.

In der Coabhängigkeit verstecke ich meine Gefühle, indem ich dich manipuliere, etwas auf meine Weise zu tun.
In der Genesung sage ich die Wahrheit über meine Gefühle, unabhängig von den Konsequenzen.

In der Coabhängigkeit schiebe ich meine Hobbies und Interessen beiseite, deine Interessen stehen im Vordergrund.
In der Genesung verfolge ich meine Hobbies und Interessen, selbst wenn das bedeutet, Zeit von dir getrennt zu verbringen.

In der Coabhängigkeit schreibe ich dir deine Kleidung, dein Verhalten und deine Erscheinung vor, denn du bist eine Spiegelung meiner Person.
In der Genesung lasse ich zu, dass du dich kleidest, erscheinst und verhältst, wie du es möchtest, unabhängig davon, wie ich mich dabei fühle.

In der Coabhängigkeit weiß ich nicht, was ich will, ich frage dich und bin mir nur darüber bewusst, was du willst.
In der Genesung kenne ich nicht nur meine Wünsche und Bedürfnisse, ich spreche sie aus und handle, um sie zu erfüllen.

In der Coabhängigkeit sind die Träume, die ich von der Zukunft habe, untrennbar mit dir verbunden.
In der Genesung gehören meine Träume mir, selbst wenn du darin nicht vorkommst.

In der Coabhängigkeit bestimmt die Furcht vor deiner Wut, was ich sage und tue.
In der Genesung habe ich keine Kontrolle über deine Wut, und sie hat keine Kontrolle über mich.

In der Coabhängigkeit nutze ich das Geben, um mich in der Beziehung sicher zu fühlen.
In der Genesung kann ich geben, wenn es mir Freude macht, ich kann es aber auch lassen, weil es nicht der Furcht oder der Sicherheit dient.

In der Coabhängigkeit verringern sich meine sozialen Kontakte, sobald ich mich mit dir einlasse.
In der Genesung hoffe ich, dass du meine Freunde magst. Wenn nicht, werde ich es verstehen, und akzeptieren, mich aber weiterhin mit ihnen treffen.

In der Coabhängigkeit lege ich meine Werte beiseite, um mit dir zusammen zu sein.
In der Genesung gehören meine Werte mir. Als Kern meines Seins sind sie umumstößlich.

In der Coabhängigkeit schätze ich deine Meinung und deine Art, Dinge zu tun, höher ein als meine.
In der Genesung schätze ich deine Art und dein Verhalten, aber nicht auf Kosten meiner.

In der Coabhängigkeit steht die Qualität meines Lebens in untrennbarem Zusammenhang mit deiner Lebensqualität.
In der Genesung gibt es klare Grenzen, die meine Lebensqualität von deiner unterscheiden und trennen.

In der Coabhängigkeit sage ich alles frei heraus, suche Intimität gleich beim ersten Treffen, verliebe mich, ohne wirkliche Informationen darüber zu haben, wer du bist und was du beitragen kannst und willst.
In der Genesung lasse ich mir Zeit, lasse Freundschaften entstehen, ich bin nicht von dir überwältigt und kann unangemessenes Verhalten erkennen und darauf reagieren.

In der Coabhängigkeit übernehme ich automatisch die Verantwortung, wenn es sonst keiner tut, indem ich sage, „einer muß es ja machen“. „Einer“ bin immer ich.
In der Genesung spüre ich, dass ich die Wahl habe, indem ich es an eine höhere Macht abgebe und darauf vertraue, dass für den anderen gesorgt ist, auch, wenn es nicht durch mich geschieht.

Noch ne Post
Das ist nur ein kleiner Auszug aus dem Artikel. Unten ist der link für den kompletten Artikel angegeben.

Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in the Light

Book 2:  A Dysfunctional Relationship with Life

Chapter 4: False Self Image

"This is part of what makes codependency such a ridiculous, dysfunctional, tragicomedy.  The character I was playing, my false self image, was not really false.  It contained a great deal more Truth in relationship to who I really am - to my personality, my essential character in this lifetime - than falsehood.  But I was incapable of seeing that because I was focused externally to keep from having to look at myself and admit how defective and shameful I felt." "One of the payoffs in codependency recovery, is that as we strip away the layers of denial - the twisted distorted perspectives and false beliefs - we learn that we are the person we always wanted to be.  As we start to uncover and discover the lies and distortions in our subconscious intellectual paradigm and become willing to get emotionally honest with ourselves by owning the grief and rage, we start to see ourselves clearly for the first time.  Codependency is about having a dysfunctional relationship with our selves as human beings - and the key to unraveling the puzzle of self, to stripping away the distortion and the lies, is to get emotionally honest with self."

Und wieder hab ich was gefunden:

Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

What is self-sabotage behavior?

Self-sabotage behavior is when there is no logical or rational explanation for why you can't do the things you want to do or why you can't have the things you want to have.

It's not a lack of desire, skills, knowledge or effort that hold you back.

Rather, there's something inside you that's stronger than your desire and it sabotages your efforts to do the things you want to do and have the things you want to have.

Self-sabotage behavior is most recognizable by the experience of an internal "tug-of-war" between having a desire to do something and feeling like you can't or shouldn't do it.

Any time you hear yourself say, "I want to do this, but I can't or I shouldn't!" this is the inner conflict of self-sabotage behavior.

For example, if you really want to exercise after work, but the moment you get home to change clothes, you start thinking of all the other things you "should" do instead... this is the internal conflict of self-sabotage behavior!

Self-sabotage behavior can destroy your motivation to do the things you really want to do by creating an internal tug-of-war.

For example, if you really want to write a new resume, but at the very same time, really don't want to muster up the energy to sit down and work on it, this is the struggle of self-sabotage behavior.

Or for example, you really want to stay on a diet and lose weight, but can't seem to stop yourself from over eating.

Self-sabotage behavior can leave you feeling frustrated, discouraged, and trapped in a situation you desperately want to change.

Self-sabotage behaviors are irrational and illogical, and they destroy your self-esteem and self-confidence!

Everyone sabotages himself or herself from time to time. Unfortunately, sometimes we sabotage ourselves to the point of not being able to live the successful, happy life we really want to live.

If there is anything you really want to do or have, but are unable to bring it into your life--and there is no logical, rational, or otherwise, "real" reason why you can't do and/or have it--you are experiencing self-sabotaging behavior!

How do I know if I'm sabotaging myself?

Is procrastination a regular part of your day? Do you have a difficult time getting motivated to do the things you really want to do?

Did you tell yourself that this would be your year to succeed, but despite this promise to yourself, are still not living the life you truly want to live?

Do your love relationships seem destined to fall apart? Do people often misunderstand your intentions? Do you feel as if people in your life are constantly criticizing you?

Do you ever experience depression, anxiety or panic attacks, even when there is no logical reason for them?

Do you ever feel resentment or anger over not having more control over the events in your life?

Self-sabotage behavior damages your self-esteem and causes you to lose confidence in yourself. It can create feelings of frustration, discouragement, resentment, anger and panic.

Most significantly, it prevents you from doing and having the things you really want for your life!

What do you want that you don't have?

Do you long to be in a loving, caring, committed relationship?

Do you crave financial security, or maybe even financial abundance?

Do you pray for emotional peace and happiness?

Do you long to find a career you really love, or perhaps long to be successfully self-employed?

Do you have an agonizing desire to lose weight and love your body?

Do you wish you could quit smoking and/or drinking?

Do you yearn to feel like your time spent here on earth has meaning and value?

Well, why don’t you "just do it?"

It isn’t as simple as "just doing it" because desire isn’t enough to create what you want if you have internal conflicting beliefs surrounding your desired goals.

How do I break free from my self-sabotage behavior?

Just think where you could take yourself if you could put as much energy and creativity into manifesting your goals, as you do procrastinating and avoiding them!

You can learn how to recognize and break free from your self-sabotage behaviors!

LifeWorks offers both "live" and "self-guided" workshops that will teach you a step-by-step process for identifying your self-sabotage behaviors and transforming them into positive behaviors that will automatically move you toward the accomplishment of your goals!

Once you break free from the self-sabotage behaviors surrounding your goal, your internal guidance system will easily and effortless move you toward success.

"How can this be?," you ask!

Take a look at the people who are successfully doing the things you want to be doing. These people don't have self-sabotaging beliefs surrounding their goals.

They have no internal conflicting beliefs that tell them they can't have the success they want. As a result, they have the esteem and confidence to move naturally and easily toward the accomplishment of their goals.

People who earn $100,000 a year don’t have the same inner beliefs about money as people who earn $20,000 a year.

You can have anything you want if you will give up the belief that you can't have it!

The Biology of Enlightenment
Sol Luckman
The evolution from human to divine consciousness involves healing duality and its legacy of karma and disease at the cellular and atomic levels. There is no illness that cannot be healed simply through intention. Many of the thousands of documented so-called miracle healings powerfully demonstrate the impact of consciousness on physical as well as emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Mind-body medicine, which is statistically valid enough to be taught in today’s medical schools, offers additional proof of our ability to heal ourselves. Molecular biologist Bruce Lipton’s research further indicates that people can modify their DNA and overcome life-threatening illnesses simply by changing their consciousness.
Deepak Chopra has remarked that “the similarity between a thought and a photon is very deep.” A photon is a particle or quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. Dr. Chopra is implying a connection between thought and light. In many shamanic traditions, thought (intention) is considered a form or function of higher-dimensional light. Mind is “the illuminating energy which ‘Lights the way’ of an idea or form to be transmitted and received,” once wrote Alice Bailey. “Upon a beam of light can the energy of the mind materialize.” Following this line of reasoning, we can imagine ourselves not only as “frozen light” (to quote Dr. Richard Gerber) but also as “frozen thought.”
This way of looking at the human body as a congealed thought, which may at first strike the reader as strange, is in the final analysis deeply empowering. Quantum physicists have repeatedly demonstrated that a scientist always affects the outcome of an experiment simply by observing it, a realization now universally accepted in the scientific community as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Even more amazing is the paradigm-altering discovery that gives rise to the particle-wave duality: the probability that the physicist actually creates the quantum particles that he or she observes, since in unobserved states these particles appear to exist only as waves.
A fundamental and revolutionary truth emerges from this information: consciousness creates. As human beings imbued with free will, we can use the power of our consciousness to re-create our reality: including but not limited to a body, mind and spirit free of disease.
I stress “re-create” because, clearly, we already inhabit one creation. The world as we know it is based on the principle of duality. Another way of stating this is that a dualized or divided consciousness, one that already saw itself as separate from other consciousnesses, including unity or God consciousness, gave birth to the universe as humans often experience it: a battleground between good and evil, light and dark, right and wrong, “us” and “them.”
But duality is not merely a philosophy; it is a physical state of being as well. The very atoms that make up our cells are based on positive and negative charges whose opposition sustains a certain life-form. Lipton has coined the phrase the “biology of consciousness” to summarize the transformational idea that living organisms, including humans, rather than being empirical givens, are actually malleable thought-forms. In other words, adopting a quantum physics perspective, we are basically waves that only cohere as particles through an act of consciousness. By changing our consciousness, we change our physical form and functioning.
Healing means to make whole. Healing leads to unification and implies atonement, which in this context really should be read as “at-one-ment.” In a world where thought creates and biology is a product of consciousness, not the other way around, the mind has the power to forge a new biology, one no longer based on duality but on the principles of unity and harmony. In Return of the Bird Tribes, where a central theme is the reunion of the human body with the soul in the pivotal years we are currently experiencing, Ken Carey neatly summarizes how we must proceed, individually as well as collectively: “In the order of healing, it is human consciousness that first must change.” Our challenge, which is also a tremendous opportunity, is to open up to a literally life-changing way of thinking ourselves into existence.
Enlightenment is about raising consciousness and letting the light of the soul in to the point that we become it. True enlightenment follows a path of conscious personal mastery that results in transformation and, by definition, involves the creation of a stable lightbody. The lightbody or soul body is a “trinitized” (balanced and harmonious) physical vehicle that has resolved duality, karma and disease at the cellular and atomic levels.
We can conceptualize the current evolutionary Shift occurring in our species’ DNA as a change in “operating systems” from a binary to a “trinary” code based on the ener-genetics of the three-fold tetrahedron shape. We might even go so far as to say that humans are evolving out of biology into “triology.” In this light it is most interesting that some in the alternative science community have alluded to suppressed research on a third DNA strand reportedly activating in many humans.
An illuminating way of visualizing how metamorphosis into a light-based physiology actually occurs is to look at a quantum particle known as positronium. Positronium is composed of an electron, which has a negative charge, and a positron, which has a positive charge. Positronium is a perfect example of duality. It also provides a wonderful illustration of how the lightbody is created. Since electrons and positrons are antiparticle opposites, after combining to form positronium, they immediately cancel out each other and decay into two particles or quanta of light (photons). A third stable and unified element, that is neither positive nor negative, is thus created from a preexisting dualism.
Barbara Hand Clow has written that this process of combination and decay in the positronium atom, mirrored in lightbody activation, “resolves inherent duality into light … [As] the electron is the basic unit of activation—life—it triggers the transmutation of the positron—karma.” Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe’s binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations—and all things we experience are our creations. When these creations are out of tune with Source, they often manifest in the disharmony known as disease. This can occur not only in individuals but in entire civilizations. In both cases, disease, which is typically considered a crisis, simultaneously serves as a powerful stimulus for transformation and transcendence.
As we raise our consciousness and activate our lightbody,


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