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Thema: "Klauerei"

Uriel's Message-- Discover your Truth
The truth that you know from the point of spirit, which is the Truth of your being, is that you are an emanation of Source. You are of God and therefore are like God in every way. Your purpose here is to allow the mind or ego to discover that truth so that you are reconnected to Source and become fully integrated in every aspect of your being. Your life path is the journey of discovering your truth.

The two energies of this planet are material and spiritual. Spiritual energy is constantly available for reconnection. The material energy, embodied in the mind and ego, believes that it must exist independently of Spirit. Spirit will always act to remind you of your divinity and power. The ego will seek to create powerlessness, chaos and fear in your life. When you look for proof of your power, it will remind you that you have no power or control. When you look for proof of your divinity, you will be reminded of your humanity.

Where the mind or ego sees darkness, Spirit reminds you of the Light. Where the mind sees fear, Spirit reminds you that you have nothing to fear. Where the mind seeks chaos, Spirit reminds you that peace is always available to you. The truth of your journey, of your presence and purpose is that you have come here to reconnect to Source, to bring the spiritual and material world together. Discovering your truth allows you to say 'yes' to your gifts, your passion and the blessings of Spirit.
The mind has no question that Spirit cannot answer. And the answer is very simple, seek the light, remember your power, reconnect to your divine Source and experience the unconditional love that your soul longs for. Once you know this truth it cannot be removed from you for it belongs to the eternal part of you that is your heritage. Discover your truth and allow yourself to experience the blessings that flow from integrating the mind and spirit. Do what creates joy in your life, this is where your truth lies. Use your gifts, live your purpose and share your light. This is what will create heaven on earth and peace, joy and unconditional love for all.

Those who have helped you learn your lessons in the past may no longer be part of your experience. You have graduated from dependence to reliance, from having others step in to help you with your lessons to creating them for yourself. Lessons no longer have to be a surprise; they no longer have to come through painful experiences. You can be both the student and the observer, watching the patterns unfold, being aware of what is happening around you and stopping and starting the process as you manage and direct your lessons, instead of being controlled by them.
The energy of the planet is shifting from destiny to power in alignment with what is happening for each of you. You are part of the whole and everything you experience on an individual level is also experienced by all of humanity. The confusion and doubt you feel about how to use the power that is available to you stems from your being unfamiliar with being in control. While this has always been available to you, your willingness to connect to Source, accept your power and use it has created this as a possibility for each of you.
Destiny has controlled your history for many lifetimes; now it is time for you to step into power. What do you want to do now? What is your greatest dream, your fondest wish, for yourself and for humanity? This is the moment you have been waiting for, the time for you to create miracles and the time for you to focus on creating peace on earth, joy for all and unconditional love as the guiding force. You have been waiting for this moment and it is here. Use your power to create a life of effortless flow, to help shift the energy of the planet into a higher vibration of peace, joy and unconditional love. And to help all shift their perspective from powerlessness against the forces of destiny to power and control in their reality.

Introduction to The Transformation of Poverty

Out of poverty will rise The Golden Age of Music and Cooperation. The industrial revolution created massive wealth and resources, but also inhumanity and inequality; the digital revolution gave us automation and global communications; and even greater inequality. The only obstacle standing between this world of inhumanity and a new world of based on equality, freedom and prosperity is a lack of cooperation.

If you look around the world you will see evidence of the next great global revolution; inspired by the teaching of people like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., this is a community-based revolution empowered by communication. And not by coincidence, it comes at a time when the agents of violence, enslavement and poverty threaten our very existence. This is a non-violent revolution based on common sense, cooperation and music...and each and every one of us has a part to play, literally.

The Transformation of Poverty is organized into three sections. Section One is a bottom-up view of what I see as the root causes of poverty. Section Two is an invitation to participation and cooperative action; and Section Three details specific legal and practical issues that must be transformed.

Most of all, this document should be seen as a call to action. Your ideas, suggestions and leadership are an essential element in this Global Revolution in Music and Cooperation.

Follow the link below to the first section of The Transformation of Poverty. Cheers, Gordon Parnell
The Transformation of Poverty

Egos Out Of Control /Uriel
So much energy is shifting now that it is sometimes hard to find our own center, even though we have been doing this work for a long time. With the energy shifts we may feel tired, withdrawn, disoriented and even gain a few pounds (I know I do). But for others the energy shift creates a split between the ego and spirit, where they begin to see the ego and all of the fear it has generated in their life, which they may have been able to disguise or overlook before. Now that its support is being removed there is nowhere to hide. Without support the ego is afraid and tries to pull everyone around it back into an energetic space where it can connect. This is done through drama, chaos, anger, manipulation, to name a few of the ego's strategies. But it isn't working. The clients I speak to know that they have options and they choose to disengage, disconnect and detach. So they won't argue, fight, or become involved in drama that has no purpose other than to put them back into an energy space they can no longer occupy. Even when the other person is insistent, they know that they are simply expressing their fear and can step aside and let the energy pass, without having to connect to it, justify themselves or get caught up in the drama. An ego out of control is an ego expressing its fear. When someone lives from an ego-based perspective, having no one to connect to at that level throws them off balance. And they will try anything to reconnect with others at the energy level they are familiar with.
This is happening to so many people right now because the support for the ego energy, that has been the dominant energy on the planet for so long, is transforming. For many people this feels like a death and they don't know what to do. So they do what they can, which is to try to get themselves back to a space where they feel comfortable. But that space is different as the energy is shifting, it's moving to a higher vibration. We know what is going on and the best thing to do is to remain detached. We know that there is no going back once we have shifted, so helping others find their light is the best gift we can give them.

Claim Your Spiritual Authority/Uriel

Over the course of our lifetimes our spiritual journey has focused on growth through healing. Every completion of a karmic lesson is a significant victory that brings us a step closer to living through our spiritual authority where we attain mastery over the material world and achieve balance between the spiritual and material worlds. But how do we claim spiritual authority in our everyday lives and how do we do that within our relationships with others without creating power plays, struggles and more karma?

It can appear that the people in our lives are determined to undermine our authority. While that can appear to be true it is simply a matter of perspective. We can either be a victim in our life and see everyone as challenging our authority or we can be a victor, knowing that our lessons are brought to our attention through the efforts of others and it is up to us to step into our spiritual authority, uncover and learn the lesson and move forward on our path.

Claiming our spiritual authority has nothing to do with who is right or wrong, or defining the 'good' and the 'bad' people or experiences in our life. When we are powerful and act with authority we put ourselves in that energetic vibration and everything in our life aligns with it. We can allow difficult people to be difficult; they don't have to do so in our life. And when we are in the vibration of our spiritual authority we have nothing to prove so we can't be challenged by the words or actions of others. They simply do not matter.

Being within the energy of spiritual authority takes us above being right, getting revenge, fighting for our cause, being vindicated or proving our value, worth, integrity, beauty, or deservedness to others. These are power struggles. We 'are' within our spiritual authority and when we take up that energy, with confidence, everything in our life resonates with our authority. We then learn that our journey is not, and has never been, about being better than anyone else or about proving our worth. It has always been about finding our own greatness, letting our light illuminate our path and connecting to our spiritual authority which creates a new vibration for us and for humanity. When humanity operates from a standpoint of spiritual authority, power struggles and the fear and darkness that go along with them, will be a thing of the past and we will have heaven on earth and peace for all.

Natürliche Ökonomie:

Kinder verstehen sie sofort. Erwachsene brauchen etwas länger.

Natürliche Ökonomie in Form einer visionären Geschichte.

Weltweiter Wohlstand im Einklang mit der Natur

Der Erzähler trifft bei einem Spaziergang auf Very Goodfriend, einen Bewohner des Planeten Freegaia, auf dem die Natürliche Ökonomie des neuen Zeitalters bereits mit Erfolg etabliert ist. Gemeinsam fliegen die beiden auf den Planeten, und Very beschreibt das Prinzip des Frei schenkenden Staates, in dem es keine Steuern, Versicherungen und Sozialabgaben mehr gibt und alle Menschen in Wohlstand leben.
Very macht der Menschheit ein Geschenk. ... Joytopia

Die Begegnung

Neulich hatte ich einen Traum, besser gesagt einen Tagtraum. Ich ging allein im Wald spazieren und erfreute mich an der Natur. Auf einmal bemerkte ich, wie jemand leichten Fußes neben mir einherschritt. Er war etwa zwei Meter groß, von dunkler Hautfarbe und hatte einen athletischen Körperbau. Bekleidet war er mit einer Art goldfarbenen Jogging-Anzug. Obwohl er aussah, wie ein Mensch, schien er nicht von dieser Welt zu sein. Er hatte ein so freudiges, ja fast schon lustiges Strahlen in seinem Gesicht, das man auf unserer Erde nur sehr selten findet. Als ich ihn ansah mußte ich spontan lachen. Es war ein herzhaftes, fröhliches Lachen, pure Freude über den Anblick dieses freundlichen Begleiters.

"Entschuldigen Sie bitte, ich wollte Sie nicht auslachen," erklärte ich, als ich mich wieder gefangen hatte. "Ich bin nur überrascht von Ihrem plötzlichen Erscheinen."

"Das geht vielen so auf diesem Planeten," erwiderte er freundlich. "Die meisten Erdenbürger reagieren so wie Sie, nur einige wenige laufen erschreckt davon oder werden aggressiv."

"Dann sind Sie nicht von hier?" fragte ich verunsichert.

"Ich komme von Joytopia, einem Staat auf dem Planeten Freegaia am Rande der Galaxis. Durch einen Sprung im Raum-Zeit-Kontinuum bin ich hier hingelangt. Mein Name ist Goodfriend, Very Goodfriend."

"Wie haben Sie so schnell unsere Sprache gelernt?"

"Wir telepathieren gerade miteinander. Wir senden uns unsere Gedanken und unser Gehirn übersetzt sie in unsere Sprache. Das funktioniert genauso mit Bildern, Tönen, Gerüchen und Gefühlen. Sehen Sie...."

Ich sah gar nichts! Er war verschwunden. Verwundert und tief bewegt ging ich weiter. Hatte ich mir das eben nur eingebildet? Sollte ich vielleicht mal zum Arzt gehen? Am Besten ich erzähle niemanden etwas und vergesse diesen Vorfall so schnell wie möglich.

"Ich habe Ihnen etwas mitgebracht, ein Geschenk!" hörte ich Very sagen.

"Wo waren Sie denn so plötzlich?"

"Ich war kurz zu Hause um etwas für Sie zu holen."

"Dauert so etwas nicht Jahre? Ich meine die höchste erreichbare Geschwindigkeit...."

"Wir reisen in Gedanken. Gedanken sind bekanntlich frei. Raum- und Zeit-Grenzen gibt es nur, wenn man sie vorher erdacht hat. Wir hatten uns früher auch viele Grenzen ausgedacht. Unser begrenztes Denken hatte unseren Planeten etwa so geformt, wie Ihr jetzt Euren Planeten formt. Versuche es selbst" – er war inzwischen zum Du übergegangen – "du siehst mich, weil du denkst, daß du mich siehst."

Während er das sagte, kam uns ein Radfahrer entgegen. Er grüßte knapp und fuhr mitten durch Very durch.

"Verstehst du jetzt?" fragte Very.


"Ich habe dir etwas mitgebracht, einen Gedanken."

"Was für einen Gedanken?"

"Der Gedanke, daß alles möglich ist, was du dir vorstellen kannst. Alles , was du denken kannst wird Realität! Alles was du dir wünschst, wird eintreten, wenn du dir es vorstellen kannst."

"Dann wünsche ich mir 10 Millionen Mark!"


"Wie? Gut? Das soll funktionieren? Das kann ich mir nicht vorstellen!"


Ich war beschämt.

"Andere konnten sich das vorstellen und sind Millionäre geworden. Aber vielleicht ist es ja gar nicht dein Wunsch, Millionär zu werden. Was wünschst du dir denn am sehnlichsten?"

"Am liebsten wäre es mir, wenn alle Menschen reich wären und jeder das machen könnte, was ihm am Herzen liegt, ohne anderen Menschen oder der Natur dabei zu schaden."

"Ich schlage Dir eine Reise vor. Auf unserem Planeten Freegaia haben wir dieses Ziel bereits erreicht. Du brauchst es dir nur abzuschauen und auf der Erde zu verbreiten. Das ist unser Geschenk an euch Menschen."

"Wie kann ich denn durch das Raum-Zeit-Dingsbums..."

"Stell es dir einfach vor, ich begleite dich."

Es war eigenartig. Es schien mir, als ob ich an zwei Orten gleichzeitig war: während ein Teil von mir weiterhin im Wald spazierenging, flog der andere mit Very durchs Universum.

Wir näherten uns einem Sonnensystem und bald schon schwebte sie vor uns: Freegaia, ein wunderschöner blauer Planet, ganz ähnlich unserer Erde. Sanft tauchten wir in die Atmosphäre ein und landeten mitten in einem wunderschönen Park, ähnlich einem riesigen englischen Garten. Unbeschreiblich schöner Duft wurde von den Pflanzen ausgeströmt. Ab und zu huschte fast lautlos ein kleines Luftfahrzeug über unsere Köpfe. Doch da: inmitten der Pflanzen standen Häuser. Sie sahen nicht aus wie unsere Häuser, sie fügten sich so in die Natur ein, dass man sie von weitem gar nicht als Häuser erkannte. Die Menschen, die uns begegneten, grüßten alle freundlich. Sie schienen glücklich zu sein. Mensch und Natur lebten in Harmonie zusammen.

"Wie habt ihr das alles so hingekriegt? Kannst du mir etwas über eure Technologie sagen?"

"Technologie war noch nie ein Problem," sagte Very, "das Problem, das es zu lösen galt, lag im Denken der Bewohner und in der Wirtschaft. Durch Mangeldenken hatten unsere Vorfahren sich ein Wirtschaftssystem erdacht, das von Konkurrenzkampf geprägt war. Inzwischen ist unser Zusammenleben und damit unsere Wirtschaft geprägt von Überfluß, Reichtum und Liebe zur Natur und allem was existiert."

Da steht noch viel mehr dazu:

Uriel's Message -- Your Are Always Successful

In everything you do, on every step of your journey you are always successful. Everything in your outer reality demonstrates the successful manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs and corresponds to your level of energetic vibration. To understand this remove yourself from the material definition of success which is having money, power and possessions. Release judgments and expectations and be in the present moment because your reality can be transformed in the next moment. The greatest among you is not the one who has the most material success; rather, it is the one who has surrendered and who understands that your true nature is divine, that you are connected to Source and to all and the perfection of your creations.

You feel that you are failing, making mistakes or doing the wrong thing when you manifest lack or fear. Yet even these efforts are successful for you are creating what your soul has required to heal. And this healing extends to all of humanity. Every creation is a successful manifestation of the energy that you resonate with. There are no mistakes, there is nothing wrong with you or with the world. Even when you manifest chaos, drama, war and unrest, those are all successful manifestations of the individual and collective energies. You are powerful beyond your knowing and you journey is a continuous, flowing creation that is always successful.

Are you able to acknowledge the success and perfection of every aspect of your reality? Can you see yourself as the successful creator of the world in which you live? This is the starting point for transformation. You cannot transform what is 'wrong' for nothing is wrong. You can transform what is 'right' when you acknowledge the success of all that you do. At every moment you are at your most powerful and successful. Your reality is only a mirror that reflects your success back to you. The image is transformed when your energy transforms and a new level of success is achieved.

Your outer reality cannot reflect a higher vibration than you choose to be at. Every level of vibration represents a successful completion of your soul's learning, growth and healing. Material success is one manifestation of your energy if that is what you choose. But it is not a measure of whether your manifestation is successful. Even poverty is a successful creation of its creator. Release your judgments about what success means and begin today to acknowledge your success. Transform your beliefs about success and you are on the path to creating heaven on earth. Use your power with care, intention and deliberation for it is through your power that you manifest the reality you live in, for yourself and for humanity. And you always do it successfully.
Live in Spirit

Forgiveness or Resentment/Uriel
Everyone has a victim story, which began with an event that gave birth to a particular belief that the world was a difficult, dangerous place. No matter when it occurred, the victim story is operating in every aspect of their life. Present lifetime victim stories are often carryovers of events from past lifetimes and the goal of the current lifetime is to transform this victim cycle into spiritual wholeness and power. But within the reality of our victim story we are truly powerless until we can make the choice to forgive our tormenters or continue to resent them.

We are told we must forgive those who have hurt us and that can be hard to do, especially since some victim stories are very painful. How do we forgive someone who has hurt, traumatized, betrayed or physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually damaged us? Some people have done the unforgivable to us-but is anything unforgivable in the eyes of God? To understand forgiveness let's look at its opposite, resentment. When we are not willing to forgive someone we are in the energy of resentment, which carries its own burdens.

We resent the person who hurt us and want them to apologize, ask us for forgiveness and give us closure. We want to understand their motivations, their purpose behind causing us so much pain. Without this closure we resent them and what they did. This leads to the creation of our victim story, which takes on a life of its own and becomes our life template. It doesn't matter how long ago it happened, each time we remember or talk about it we re-experience it and all of its energy and create it in our life. And we continue to resent our abuser for what they did to us and for what happened in our life because of their actions, forgetting the karma, soul lessons and healing that they, and we, are part of. When we can forgive we transform the energy of resentment into something more life affirming and release ourselves from our own victim story.

Forgiveness is a challenging aspect of our spiritual journey because it requires us to transcend emotion and view life from a different perspective. It is not a gift that we give to another, it is the way we end karma, achieve our own closure and release ourselves from our victim paradigm. Forgiveness is the higher aspect of resentment and gives us the ability to write an ending to our victim story, which we participate in to heal our own soul traumas. The choice is ours and whatever we choose is appropriate for our soul's journey. But if we truly want to end our victim story and step into our power, forgiveness is the option we can embrace. Is there someone in your life that you resent? Can you forgive them, knowing that doing so releases you from the victim story they represent to you? Give yourself the gift of forgiveness so you can reclaim your power in this situation and move into the life of your dreams.

Live in Spirit

Uriel's Message -- Who Do You Control?
It may be difficult for you to acknowledge, as you participate in lessons with others, that you have no control over the life or choices of anyone around you. Even those who are your soul mates or part of your soul group are in control of their own life path and soul journey. Whether they make decisions that you consider weak or powerful, wise or ill-advised, you have no control over any aspect of their life, no matter how much you may want to prevent them from harm. You can send them healing, love and light, but you have no control over how they will respond, or whether they will use the gifts you have given them. When you try to control you are acting from fear and your belief in others' powerlessness.

Even your children have their own soul journey that you do not control. The Indigo and Crystal children have karmic journeys to travel and many have chosen their contracts carefully, to ensure the greatest healing and transformation for themselves, their generation and the world. You can prepare them for their journey in the best way possible but you have no control over how they travel through it. Your efforts to control these children may be met with great resistance as they know their purpose and that of their journey, and how important their work is.

Your ability to control extends to your own reality and soul journey. Within your soul journey you have the possibility to alter the vibrations of the planet when you work through love and abandon control. Your attempts at control arise from your fear, especially that fear that comes from knowing the karmic journeys you have traveled with others and what may be included in their experiences. Do not doubt their wisdom or the purpose of their journey. Your energy is best utilized when you believe in others' wisdom and power instead of trying to control them because you believe they are powerless and fear for them.

These are times that require great spiritual courage. There are choices to be made that will determine whether one is ready for ascension into spiritual mastery or requires additional time for learning and integration. Each person will choose according to their soul's need for healing. No one has control or influence over another's choices. In your human experience you have expectations of responsibility based on relationships but in your spiritual experience you are all souls on a journey to wholeness, each one with infinite power and a healing purpose. When you release your need to control because you are in fear you empower yourself and everyone to fulfill their journey in a powerful way.
Live in Spirit

The End of Hope/Uriel

A profound transformation is occurring for us in the form of the end of polarity, the either/or, better/worse, richer/poorer energy that has been a central element of our human experience. What replaces polarity is connection, oneness and unconditional love, expressed in the form of acceptance of all and recognition of our shared spiritual heritage and divinity. The end of polarity also requires transformation of our ways of thinking, being, acting and living as we acknowledge our power and place in the Universe. Without polarity, we recognize that each of us is responsible and we replace hope, the belief that somehow things will be better, with unwavering certainty, knowing that we are in control.

When we are in the state of hopefulness we are sure that things will get better as soon as we get a 'lucky break', a second chance or a miracle. We wait for someone else to guide us, to tell us what to do next and transform the impossible into something we can live with. We hope that God hears our prayers because we are not always sure that God is available and listening. With hope we forget that we are the most powerful person in our life. Hoping for the best is another way of saying that we are not powerful, wise, strong, knowing or able to create the life we want to live.

Stepping out of hope and into certainty is a little like riding a bicycle for the first time. It is awkward and scary and we fall a few times until we become familiar with the motion and balance it requires. But once we do, we never forget how to ride a bicycle. Acknowledging our power, our control over our individual reality and knowing that we can live a life of dynamic, abundant and powerful creation can have a shaky beginning. We can no longer blame anyone else for our situation and recognize that if there is a change to be made, it is up to us. Hope is replaced with trust and certainty, a peaceful, calm knowing that everything is in divine order and that we are in control.

Each step on our spiritual journey takes us closer to our spiritual home, where we remember being powerful, at peace and loved. But our spiritual home exists within us and we are always connected to it. We cannot hope our way into this understanding, it is a spiritual truth that we must accept and trust. If there is no hope then we must be powerful because there are no other alternatives available to us. And this is where we connect to our spiritual mastery, our source of power and our willingness to be in control of creating the reality we live. We can abandon hope because there are far greater, more fulfilling possibilities available to us that will move us closer to heaven on earth, in our reality and for all of humanity.
Things of Interest/Miscel. - The End of Hope/Uriel

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