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Thema: "Klauerei"

Uriel's Message -- The Truth of Your Knowing

When you limit your knowing to what you can see before you, your vision is limited to a small part of a vast reality that is available to you. Every limitation you experience is a small part of a much larger potential for your life. Everything you believe as truth, if based in the material world, is the reflection of your own knowing and not your spiritual truth. The truth of what you know is limited when you believe what your eyes see and your mind believes. It is expanded when you expand your vision and thinking to include the possibility that there are multiple paths available to you, in a variety of dimensions and each one holds learning, growth, healing and transformation, depending on what you allow yourself to know.

Do you see the reality you live in as the truth? It is actually an illusion, created by the beliefs and thoughts that you allow yourself to have. And without a desire and choice for transformation, it is limited to those beliefs and thoughts. When you accept transformation you expand your ability to know and to see and this allows you to create a new illusion that reflects your new understanding. Your material life is a journey through stages of illusion as you reclaim your soul's light that has been diminished over countless years of pain and sorrow.

If you could see your soul's journey you would see countless paths, all leading towards the Light, each path containing a different aspect of your illusion. These paths all vibrate at a different energy and each one is accessible to you. But, the ones you can access are those that are within the realm of your knowing-do you know and believe in what you can see and what corresponds to your material truth, or do you know the unknowable, have faith in the unseen and believe with your spiritual truth?

You can choose to experience a life of boundless joy or suffering, of unfolding abundance in all good things or of lack, of peace and love or fear. Every aspect of your life is created from the truth of your knowing, of the extent to which you believe in your limitations and the illusions you create from them. There is no limit to the illusions you can create for your soul journey and when you know that this is true you have the ability to choose the unknowable, to see beyond the material and to remember that you are powerful in every way. And that you are never alone on your journey, you are supported and guided on every step of the way and 'home' is the next step on your path.

Celebrate Your Illusion /Uriel

Life is a celebration of learning, growth, healing and transformation. And we choose the energy of our celebration, as joyful and fun or sad and chaotic. What can we do about the times when we are unhappy, feel stuck and are not sure how we are going to take the next step? We do not begin the celebration when we have something to be happy about, it begins when we set our intention for the kind of reality we wish to have. Every aspect of our reality is an illusion that you can change at any time by changing your thoughts, beliefs and vibrations. As we sing in the nursery rhyme, 'life is but a dream'. It's all an illusion and even more, it is all your illusion which you have created in your unique, individual way and you are the only one who has the power to change it.

This is the secret of the Universe that is hidden in plain sight and as soon as we discover it we have the key to our power and freedom. The illusion of our life is an energetic loop that is based on our karma and beliefs. The illusion remains the same as long as we are in that loop. But as soon as we change any variable, such as transforming our thoughts, applying forgiveness or changing our beliefs, we change the energy and the illusion is transformed. How does your energetic loop flow? You know by what is in your reality. How do you feel about yourself, your lifestyle, job, career path, and financial situation? Do you have a reason to celebrate or feel sad because you feel unfulfilled, unhappy, alone and powerless?

What appears to be rigid and hopeless is an ever-changing illusion that shifts according to the choices we create. Whether we can view life as a celebration depends on the choices that we allow ourselves to see as part of our illusion. Yes, even the choices that are before us exist through our illusions. And we use our conscious and unconscious mind to choose, based on our awareness of our beliefs and thoughts. Even our karma, which is the initial purpose of our journey, is not a determinant of our choices although it does determine some of our options and how we allow ourselves to decide. This is true for everyone so we can know which illusion someone has chosen by what is in their reality.

Having a reality that you can celebrate begins with that intention, which then allows you to manifest the choices that will fulfill it. You choose whether you want to celebrate your life as joyful or sad. The celebration does not begin when we have a happy event that can feel proud of, it begins with the intention we set for our reality. Once we understand that we can choose our illusion we have access to many more choices and each time we are able to raise our vibrations different choices become available. There are no rules, no punishments, no choice is better than another. Each one we make reflects what we believe is possible for us. How do you wish to celebrate your life? What illusions have you chosen and are you satisfied with them? Remember that you can always choose differently and your desire to change your choices is confirmation that you are ready for something different and have completed one phase of your life and are ready for a new celebration of your power to create the life of your dreams.

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